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What do dreams like these mean?

Lately I've been dreaming that I'm pregnant, that I want a baby, that I'm changing diapers, and me holding a bby.
What does this mean?
Help please!

Pregnancy and birthing dreams are very, very common in young women. Your subconscious mind is being influenced by strong hormones, which is the body's way of preparing a female for reproduction. I would suggest not reading anything else into it than that. When the time comes for you to be a parent, make sure you're well ready for it and there's a loving home with two loving parents. Babies are the biggest deal, they are a whole, valuable human life that needs all that love and nurturing. You're the captain of your own destiny, your body and your will. When the time comes it will be special. In the meantime, you'll probably have these sorts of dreams and they are nothing to worry about or read too much into (and they are certaintly not 'fortune telling' at all!)

Your gestating a new you inside, new growth, that you want.
That you give birth to, and change or keep clean when it gets dirty or messy in life's course.
And that you hold close.

U will get a baby very soon

Okay so I'm guessing your a teenager correct?

Well if so then it's just hormones.

If your not then I have no clue

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