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What do dreams mean?

if you have a dream about something what does it mean
like do they have some meaning to them
i was just wondering x

most thing in a dream mean something.
heres a few of them incase they help you:
DOG-Pay attention to dreams about dogs, as they often bring important messages. Dog dreams that are positive mean that the dreamer is lucky in friendship. A threatening dog signifies discomfort with large social groups
BABY-A baby signifies innocence, warmth and new beginnings. A love may be blooming for you in your near future. You will also make fun new friends. Babies may also symbolize something pure in your own inner nature. If you dream of a crying baby, part of yourself may feel deprived of attention and affection.
SEX-Sexual dreams are often straightforward representations of desires for other people. Sex in a dream can also signify our need to bond with or gain power over others. If you dream of having sex with a celebrity, you wish to be more popular or accepted by those around you.
KISS-To dream of being kissed often means the dreamer will realize something important that can help them to achieve success in real life. It can also mean that someone you know is not telling you the whole truth. To see others kissing in your dream suggests that you are too involved in their personal lives and relationships. You need to give them some space. To dream of a kiss on the cheek, whether you gave or received it, symbolizes kindness and friendship.
GHOST-In general, seeing ghosts in your dreams symbolizes aspects of yourself that you fear. This may involve a painful memory, guilt, or some repressed thoughts. You may be anxious about your ability to achieve something in real life. Or, you may be afraid of death and dying.
FRIEND-Signify aspects of your personality that have been developing and making you grow as a person. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself, so look to the friends you dreamed about for signals of personality traits they have that you desire in yourself, and work on those things. Additionally, dreaming of friends sometimes foretells that you will hear happy news from them.

these are some means for those things. if you ever need dream advise email me at : dmdreamsandmore@fsmail

I've been doing a little research on what causes dreams and a lot of speculating on how this occurs and what specifically happens. One of the biggest things to point out is that dreams are most likely a conscious 'viewing' of memory processing. This processing helps to solidify daily memories into long-term memories. How this process is perceived is warped as your mind adds unrelated ideas and concepts through 'randomly firing neurons,' which is an idea proposed by a few scientists to explain dreams by itself. I like to use several ideas for the explanation. Memories of emotions play a large part in dreams, in part because of how difficult they can be to process. The harder the processing is, the more likely you may be to remember the dream and for the dream to be 'strange.' Often, the way that these emotional memories effects the dream can be identified by certain themes or actions within them, and it can give you insight into what emotions or feelings you are having difficulty processing. I believe that an inability to process an emotion or event may be related to recurring dreams. The best thing to remember when dealing with dreams is that they are not simple, and not only do several things determine what you dream, but several things also determine how you perceive those dreams.

I agree with the scientific side of the meaning of dreams but

I think is wiser to take in consideration the metaphysical aspects that

Shamans and other culture beliefs.Also, in the Bible the Lord

guided people through dreams and in this form it's not pure science but

a gift to warn us, helps, and to gives us direction to improve ourselves and keep us happy.

Dreams can be healing sources from our subconscious.

Premonitions can be from dreams.

Dreams are very important source of wisdom and one must be wise enough to learn to discern between non sense dreams and "real" meaningful dreams!

Hmm, this is debated a lot. I believe that dreams come from repressed thoughts and feelings, whether important or not. They are brought about during sleep by the unconscious and can have little meaning to us or they may have a lot of meaning. They help us see what our unconscious is concentrating on.

Sometimes it depends on what you saw and how it made you feel ,search dream interpenetration symbols to interpret your own.

Tbh i think they are random things you think about for example most of mine are things to do with what had happened that day

its ur brain thinking.
haha, ur thoughts and
usually related to what
happened that day.

sooo sometimes, and
other times maybe not.

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