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What do my dreams mean?

Hi guys :D hows everyone today? hope you're having a good day!

anyways i wanted to ask all the experts here about the meaning of my dreams if they could translate them for me; thanks!

I'm 23 years old right now and my nights are sleepless; iv put up a camera to record myself sleeping and there's absolutely no movement at all, no eye movement during sleep either that's why i can conclude i don't dream. only occasionally; like once in 5-6 months.

the dreams I'm talking about are the ones i saw when i was a kid; basically in grade 5-7, and these were somewhat repetitive dreams.

dream 1:

I dreamt of a spider, a big one probably a bit larger than a tarantula but its body structure was thin like that of a black-widow spider. so basically a black widow spider that's a bit larger than a tarantula. the thing about this spider was that i was a light pinkish shiny color, the color you'd find in expensive marble balls, the light being reflected off the surface of the spider's back would be a bit like how petrol on the ground reflects rainbow colors. LIGHT PINK with rainbow colors getting reflected from it. the spider would just sit there not moving; sometimes when i watched a horror movie and couldn't sleep alone, i had to sleep with my parents and i usually woke up at around 4-6 am and saw the spider sitting on my dad's chest; I don't know if it was a dream or a hallucination :/

dream 2:

this happened when i got sick; again I'm not sure if this was a dream or a hallucination, but everything around me would magnify slowly and steadily; i had this utterly horrible feeling about this; it was nothing like being surrounded by giant things, this feeling was different... i was scared and nauseated. felt like ill get even more sick than i already was. One thing in particular freaked me out a little; the dream had a dough in it. i can't place where the dough would be in the dream but it was there and it was huge! and dough like the flour dough we make to bake bread; that kinda dough.

thanks in advance to whosoever replies :) thanks!

Too much horror and vivid stimulation has blunted your normal dream cycle. Horror from movies, comics, video games and gore which leaves many a child helpless in the wee hours with fear.
Can you think of more normal things to do than watch the waking dead, or walking dead. Your dream is convoluted with so much detail that explains nothing I cannot give you more than a rebuke.
Stop watching that junk.


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