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What do my dreams mean?

i fell asleep early last night woke up 45 mins later cause I had a dream a car was coming towards me, I tried to move back away from it but it hit me, at that point I think i moved my arm out but my bedside table is high up and far away so I am not sure how, I have a bruise on my arm and whacked someting off it, a glass of water, i woke up heart beating really fast and fell back to sleep to dream I was at the beach but he sand was on top of the sea and all lumpy? Î have asthma and in my dream i was grabbing the peir ledge even though I wasn't under water so maybe I couldn't breathe properly while I was sleeping. Then I was in a mall and a giant windmill moved round the pool killing people and me and my mum tried to get out, the only way to leave was to pay to get out gates and locate them. Later I was in a toilet and asked my mum where she had been, she said nothing? I started to cry and knew she had died and was a ghost, and my sister also. My sister said to me in my dream, we had an easy way out have fun staying, and my dog had been taken away also. I started crying and stayed there a while, then I woke up. What does this mean? i have woken up feeling a bit weird to be honest

If you are hoping that your dreams relate to: your destiny, your future, something spiritual, your soul. It doesn't, they are just random images and sounds that your brain fabricates. Sometimes they are memories or any previous thoughts that you may have had in your life.
But in all honesty, dreams have no significance and they just happen.

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