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What do my dreams mean?

Hi, I keep dreaming of viscious dogs chasing or attacking me in some way. The dogs are always different types, but all of them are big, threatening and viscious. I'm either running away from them, or I'm getting attacked by them. In one dream one of the dogs appeared friendly, and I went over to pat it, then not soon after, the dog changed into a big dog that started attacking me! Perhaps this means that I'm misplacing trust to someone in my life. I never die from any of the attacks. I think the dreams might represent fears that I haven't yet faced, or need to face. What does all this mean?

Yes, you are placing trust in things that are NOT good for you. The Bible calls these "dogs"... including those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

So, by looking into astrology, any form of divination or magic, numerology, fortune telling, you are exposing yourself to these dogs. Also, examine yourself and the people in your life to see if there are other dangerous "dogs" in your life. By making ourself vulnerable and giving what is precious to us to the "dogs" we open ourselves to attack, on both the human level and on a spiritual level as well.

If you identify that you have opened yourself to any of these things, pray and ask God to forgive you. Renounce these attachments and practices and seek to do what is right.

God bless you!

I think the dogs represent something in your life that is scaring you. If you face it, the dreams should go away.

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