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What do these dreams mean?

I have two dreams that made me really curious as to what they may mean. Both of them were unsettling. I wouldn't consider them nightmares, I was thinking more of stress dreams. Not so much dreams you wake up screaming from, but ones you wake up from and you're glad they're just dreams and that they're over.
If you can put them in a catagory for a type of dream that'd help loads too. Here we go:

Dream one: The Gunman.
I had moved to Louisiana for some odd reason, and was in a diner and this man was sitting at the table across from me. I can't remember anything about him but his cheshire cat smile. During the dream, I had this short weird vision like thing of a girl sitting in the diner, going to eat her sandwich, and getting hit in the face with a spray of blood and saying either "Smells like pig's blood" or "Tastes like pigs blood". But anyway, I knew this man was going to rob the diner, and was going to shoot someone. Then I had his gun. I didn't even reach out and take it, he didn't even have it drawn. I just had a little silver pistol and I knew it was his. He chuckled at me, and I knew he wanted me to shoot someone. I panned the diner with the gun and knew I just couldn't shoot anyone. I knew that if he shot someone he'd shoot fataly, and if I did at least they'd live. But I just couldn't do it. And so he drew another gun out and said he'd do it. I started crying hysterically and told him not to shoot anyone in the head or an old or disabled person. He got really reassuring and said he wouldn't. So I blocked my ears and he fired the gun at this big burly guy, and got him in the abdomen. The burly guy got really angry and began pounding his fists on our table, but then blood began to pour from the wound and he fell down. Then the gunman smiled really, really wide at me.
Then I woke up.

Dream two: The Stalker.
In my dream I was told that a man had been watching me at my work for the past few months. There were photos taken of the man creepily standing right behind me, and an undercover cop showed me them. He told me to be careful. So one night I was in my house and I heard something outside, and then I suddenly was outside, and the stalker was there holding a rotweiler dog on a leash. He was very disturbing. He had this thin, thin greasy brown long hair that went to about his shoulders, and his face was very wrinkly. One of his eyes was all distorted. His fingernails were very dirty and almost rotten looking. Overall, he just looked very dirty and unkempt. And then I just knew somehow in the back of my head that he was a pedophile. I got really scared. He said: "Hi Hannah, I just want to talk to you." But I swore at him and ran away, and he began chasing me and kept laughing and laughing. Then I tried to scream but I just couldn't. I would make noise, but it would never be louder than a plain old speaking voice. Then I began to run slower. He caught up to me fast. When he got to me, he turned into a kid I know from school who I'm sort of friends with. I was still in a panic, and the kid outstretched his arm and I kicked it and broke it, and then he cried out in pain, and then his voice became the stalker/pedophile's voice again and he was very angry and said: "Damn it, I live next door to you, I was just walking my dog! You people will hear about this!" and I knew he was going to make me look like the bad guy, even though he was stalking me and tresspassing on my property, and a cop already knew he was stalking a minor, and possibly that he was a pedophile as well. Then he became the kid from school again, and he was on the phone with his mom crying that I broke his arm. I felt awful and ran home and my friend was in my room, and I started crying and told her that everyone was going to hate me and think I'm a terrible person because I broke this poor kid's arm for no reason.
And then I woke up.

So...what is your input?
Thank you!

Your dreams are like intricate novels. Your mind must be a wonderland. Perhaps the first one describes fear and what would happen if you were in a tough situation. Maybe the burly man is a male figure in your life that you would hate to see let go. Maybe the gunman is a male figure in your life who in reality is good, but shows tough love to protect you.

Now the second one creeped me out a bit. The descriptions fits a stereotypical homeless man unfortunately. Perhaps you have seen a man with that appearance on the street somewhere. Has the boy at your school have any interactions or issues with you that would make you feel uncomfortable. I'm no expert but I find it fascinating unraveling our dreams. Hope you find some sort of solution!

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