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What do these dreams mean?

Lately, this guy that i've sortof been seeing hasn't acted as affectionate as he used to, he thinks that nothing is different and that i have no reason to be worried, and i trust him.

then, last night i had a few dreams in which he was involved, and i'm trying to understand what exactly (if anything) they mean.

dream one:
Around six girls and I were sitting at a round table on a boat. I am good friends with maybe two or three of the girls, but the rest are just friendly acquaintances. I knew that he was on the boat because we had all been swimming together in the lake, but he hadn't been very affectionate to me. Then, the boat started filling with water, but no one panicked, because for some reason that was completely normal. So, this guys came over to me where I was sitting at this round table and smiles at me and put his arms out to hug me. I was floating, so I hugged him and kindof just wrapped my legs around his waste and he carried me around like that and kept me out of the water while I rested my head against his jaw and closed my eyes.

dream two:
the guy and I were in a walmart with my mom and her boyfriend. While the guy walked around the aisles, I was sitting in this plastic chair and he would come back every few minutes and talk to me. Then i thought 'wow, i've been struggling to get him to talk to me for the past few days, and now he's here, i should go hang out with him'. So, I walked down the aisle where he was and we conversed for a few minutes. Then he grabbed my hands and kindof half embraced me while we walked into the aisle with all the bikes, and he said,
"I think (my name) should kiss me now." and he smiled, so i kissed him. then woke up :/

but both of these settings seem so random, do they symbolize something? or is there just some subconcious meaning that i'm missing?

I beleive that dreams do mean something. Maybe not always but sometimes you can find things out about yourself that you wouldn't know otherwise. I think your dreams mean that you are craving the attention you once had from your man, and because you are not getting it your mind is creating it for you in your dreams. I think you should tell your man that you are feeling a little down, and you really miss the attention he use to give you. Don't make it sound like you are mad or that you don't trust him, just let him know that you need to feel special and ask if maybe there is something that you could do for him to help him feel more affectionate. Good luck!

NOTHING. Dreams are just your imagination. People that pretend to read dreams and think there is more to them then there really is are just fakers in life. That is why they are called fakiers and shaman. Those words came from somewhere. Good luck.

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