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What do these dreams mean?

I always have these dreams, where I'm in a play, or musical, or a dance show, but I never know what im doing. Like in the dreams, ill be on stage absolutely clueless of what my lines or moves are. It's like I signed up for a musical without learning what I havet do, you know?

I think those dreams are similar to dreams of being naked or in your underwear in school or out in public.

The dream puts you in the spotlight with no clue as to what you are doing there and what to do.

You are in a publically embarrassing situation.

Have you had a recent embarrassing sitation? Called upon in class but didn't know the answer? Spilled something on clothes at lunch? Or do you fear something like that happening?

If it is a fear, maybe imagine it happening, and then imagine your response to it. "I'm sorry, I don't know that answer." Or use a napkin and water and paper towels in the restroom to clean up most of the spill. Imagine handling it and not "dying" from it, and, your dreams may disappear.

I hope this is helpful to you. :-)

Its hard to say exactly what dreams mean. It could be anything from something that is really important to you to just random thoughts.

i think your in acting or being famous.

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