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What do these dreams mean?

i just saw the category "Dream Interpretation" for the first time and need to give this a shot because i didnt even know dream interpretation was a thing. i have 2 types of dreams: really normal dreams and really bizarre dreams. i love having the bizarre dreams because i find them funny. but yeah, ill just state an example of each, what do these dreams mean?:

1) i had a dream that i just made macaroni and cheese and started eating it with a fork. my roommate then walked up to me and said "you dont eat macaroni and cheese with a fork, you eat it with a spoon." then i ate it with a spoon.

2) i was at a baseball game in the 2nd row and the guy in front of me takes out a crowbar and starts smashing all of the empty 1st row seats, blocking my view of the game in the process. i tap him on the shoulder and say "excuse me sir, im trying to watch the game" and he says "oh, sorry" and sits down. when he sits down i can see the game again and all the players, coaches, and umps on the field have crowbars and are repeatedly hitting the dirt/grass in front of them as hard as they can.

1. You secretly want to try eating macaroni and cheese with a spoon, but are too afraid of what your friends might say.
2. You're watching people destroy the game you love. Maybe the crowbars symbolize use of PEDs in baseball, or the incident with Dodger/Giants fans.

These are not dreams. These are random thoughts of your daily life, showing up as a movie roaming around in your mind.

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