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What do these dreams mean?

My first dream is my parents house has a flood that destroys everything. I ve had this dream two or three times

My second dream is a city being destroyed and there are people falling out of windows to the streets.

My third dream is being in a church or some kind of building and the people are dressed in weird clothing and there are bar codes on the back of some the peoples' necks.

My fourth dream is I'm being chased by evil zombies that are all over the earth killing people. These zombies knew where I was no matter where I hid and I end up caught at the end of my dream. ( And most likely shot and killed)

I know these dreams are pretty biazarre but they are actual dreams that I had. I summarized them as best as I could remember and I do remember some of my dreams detail for detail sometimes but that would end up being quite a story to write.

You were dreaming of armageddon/the apocalypse - also know as " The Book of Revelation "

Your dream is similiar to what Saint John wrote, in the last book of the bible.

Basically: that was a vision of the end times, when havoc will spread upon the face of the earth, destroying all the evil ungodly beings ... too a magnitude such as never before in the history of life.

You have to look into the dream when you have it so you can find a correlation to waking life events. Most dreams happen 24-48 hours after the event that caused it.

If I tell you what I think these dreams mean will you remember what's going on in your life at the time of the dream in order to connect the dots?

Houses represent your psyche and you were feeling that your parents are overwhelming you causing emotional over flow.

The city represents how you feel and it appears you feel that your being destroyed and falling into despair. Why? I don't know because there is not enough details.

Church represents many things to different people. I will go with religion. So maybe you view religion as some organized code of ethics that everyone must follow. The back of ones neck could symbolize the 5th charka, which means you need to speak up about how your feeling with regard to uniformity. More info on 5th chakra: The Throat Chakra is located at the base of the throat. It is represented with the color blue. This Chakra is the energy center for talking and self-expression. When this Chakra is under-active you are likely to be introverted and shy. You probably don’t talk too much and may have a tendency to lie. Being over-active you can tend to be over bearing with how much you talk and tend not to listen very well. The link is listed in sources.

The zombies are a representation of how you were feeling. Here is the idiom that comes to mind. "Everywhere you go there you are" so no matter how hard to try to run and hide from your problems they will find you. It's best to face them and set up boundaries for yourself so others don't run all over you.

Most dreams seem weird and bizarre because they speak to us in symbols not in logical terms that the waking mind can understand. If I had two dollars for every dream I read where the dreamer said, "This was a weird or bizarre dream" I would be a millionaire by now so don’t worry about it.

I hope you found some insight with these dreams.

Maybe your parents should move to higher ground.

As for the other dreams you have got to stop watching the Scifi channel before you go to sleep.

Since matter can not be created or destroied your soul energy will just become something else so don't worry about the zombies.

dreams means nothing OK

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