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What do these dreams mean?

My boyfriend said he's been having this dream since he was like 6 or 7
He told me that in his dream
It's him standing on a dirt road staring at a glass of milk that's sitting on a pure white table.
What could this mean?
Last night he had a dream about the glass of milk but it was floating in blood. O.o
What could that mean?!

ItsAmour, decades ago I had a dream which caused me to scream the house down as a teenager.

Basically I was sitting on the couch in our living room, doing nothing in particular, when I noticed on the table a cup of coffee sitting there.

As a none coffee drinker, I tried to ignore it, but somehow it kept drawing my attention to it until I found myself staring at it, almost hypnotised.

I now started studying it with great care, how the steam was rising up from its surface, the way the spoon sat in it at just the right angle, the way the natural light gleamed on the spoon at various points, on the surface of the liquid, on the rim of the cup, the saucer...

Then, to my shock, it hit me - I was dreaming, but the cup was behaving like a real cup, just sitting there doing nothing other than cups of coffee normally do, not turning into a squirrel juggling elephants, or a tennis racket for the TV to paint the sky sepia with pink polka dot spots.

That was the point I had to be shaken awake by my brother as I couldn't stop screaming, "It's too real! It's too real!"

For years it bugged me what that was all about, although I secretly knew all along - I just couldn't bring myself to admit it! - but over time I came to accept the possibility if not probability, (thanks to a whole heap of other far more wild experiences), I'd been contacted by a non-Earthly intelligence which'd inserted itself into my dream disguised as a cup of coffee precisely because I didn't drink coffee, creating an anomaly it knew wouldn't fail to grab my attention!

If your boyfriend wants to pursue the possibility his 'glass of milk...on a pure white table' might be something along those lines too - especially since it's clearly upping the ante to get his attention by having itself float in a pool of blood - I suggest he reads Carlos Castaneda's The Art of Dreaming.

If he's unfamiliar with it, it'll blow his f*ck*ng mind!

Alternatively, if he wants nothing further to do with it, then he should pour out a glass of milk before he goes to bed, study it carefully until he's taken in all its details such as its shape, the way the milk moves in the glass, the way the light sparkles on the rim, etc., then say out loud to the glass of milk, something along the lines of, "Thanks for the offer, but no thanks!" then carefully pour it down the sink, firmly holding it in his awareness this act means he's permanently sending the being it represents away with no possibility of appeal.

Good luck!

Was that blood?...OMG you should consult some priest who practices exorcism...:O...

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