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What do wasps mean in a dream? My little sister dreamt them about our dad, help :)?

@ acoustic eagle, yeah she is an emotional child and has mild autism which means she'll remember everything and see things others don't. She's 11, and my dad is going through financial difficulties and there's quite a few going on at home.
I don't know how to help her through this as I really stay off that topic

the old saying to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs might ring true here he's killing wasps or "huge' wasps the killing could be attacking not killing per se if the dream is killing my opinion is she's stuck on something that's been said about the current changes or struggles as being permanent maybe an off hand remark about it's killing me or i'm dying here in reference to the financial problems it would fit with the fact that the wasps are huge the obstacles are insurmountable the dreams is filtered through her subjective point of view so i'd say the wasp is something she's come in contact with a fear or phobia of some kind shes projecting outward her dad will fight her battles keep her safe from the creepy crawly stinging biting pain

I'm wondering if your little sister is a very emotionally-sensitive person? Is your dad going through some personal struggle right now? ie., financially, his job, or some other area in life? If so, your little sister may be feeling that your dad has too much on his plate right now to cope with, and she's concerned for him. If this is at all the way it is at home right now, then I would add that it's hard for children to appreciate (tho' I don't know how old your lil sis is) the struggles that their parents (who they see as strong and capable) go through. She might need her worries consoled, depending on your dad's own situation.

It could mean nothing at all, but maybe it means she doesn't have to worry because her dad will protect her from whatever she is scared of. Or maybe the huge wasps represent something else perhaps.

It means one day your father shut-off the TV when you're sister was watching a bad movie about evil giant insects. and she recalled that tormenting memory before going to sleep

dreams are just deformed reminiscence of the past, not cryptic prophecies of the future.

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