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What do you think my dream means?

I had a dream that a lot of old friends from high school had babies. These were babies in diapers and could not talk yet, all of them younger than a year old. There were at least 5 different babies. I don't remember which friends were in the dream, just that they were my friends.

I have been in touch with a lot of old friends lately, but none of them have kids. I am married but do not have kids. I do not plan to have kids until I graduate from college. Any ideas at what my dream means?

I think the dream may mean that you see your friends starting their own lives - giving birth to new ideas, living new lives intertwined with living at home in the summer.

Since it's summertime you are able to see old friends, who have gone to different colleges, some have jobs and you're all "growing up" but sometimes it's good to be home and nurtured and loved up on by your parents. Plus you are giving up some of the freedom you may have enjoyed while you were away, which may have made you feel like a "baby".

I've attached a link for more information about dream interpretation. It may be helpful.

Best of luck to you. Have a fun summer!

Babies sometimes represent a part of yourself that is vulnerable and helpless. Babies that can't yet speak symbolize your helplessness and fears of letting others become aware of your vulnerabilities and incompetence. I don't know how old you are but dreams like this that include babies usually occur when significant events or changes are happening in your life. They also represent dependence, so maybe you are embarking on something new in your life and you feel vulnerable about your ability to accomplish it.

I think your dream means that your relationship is ready to be taken up a little bit. Or maybe your friends should be. I'm not sure, but it is your dream! Lol hope this helps...

Hmmmmm...biological clock ticking?

That can happen at any time.

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