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What do you think my dream means?

I had a very vivid nightmare the other night. All that I remember is the end as I was waking up. I was watching two of "myself" fighting, one was on the ground, and the other was standing over him kicking him. But at the same time, it felt like I was in control of both of them. The part that really scared me was the anger I felt for the "me" on the ground.
It felt so real that when I woke up, the muscles around my rib were twitching. It was really creepy, so I didn't end up going back to sleep.

I keep having really "real" nightmares like this, and it's affecting my sleep a lot.

lots of times your stimulations in sleep can cause the theme of you dream. maybe you pulled some muscles that day and the pain made you have a dream of getting kicked. that explains that part. the other part could be that the duality of man is always competing with each other over powerful emotions like guilt. did you do something you were guilty about? who knows. Just remember its only a dream. it could have a hundred different interpretations. as far as "meaning" to your dream, there is none. its just what your brain is trained to do during REM sleep. sometimes a dream will respond to stimulations like getting ready to wake up? your body prepares it self right before your REM is shut off. your adrenal glands will produce mild adrenaline to increase your heart rate and blood flow to prepare for "turning on your body" this adrenaline could affect your dreams making the theme violence or sexual pleasure.

This sounds like the other half of the earlier one you posted about the shadow. Still the same problem.

Maybe it means that the two parts of you are fighting about attitude (like good attitude vs. bad attitude) and one day you might actually have that, usually with friends, fighting about which part of you you want and one of those 'yous' was the part of you that yo will keep. it's hard to explain, sorry.

Internal conflict. Two of you were fighting. Makes sense if you've been stressed out or have had to make alot of decisions.

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