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What do you think my dream means?

firstly i'll tell you the dream then i'll give some background info..

me and another woman who i do not know but was an acquaintance of in my dream were modeling some clothes for a designer. i was older than i am, around 22 maybe (17 in real life).

we had to choose a jacket to wear and i purposefully didn't choose the one at the end (a trench coat) because i knew it was princess diana's. he was hurrying us up. i rummaged through the jackets on the rail, i remember was a shiny turquoise blue. i was taking too long to pick so he picked one for me - diana's coat.

we both modeled them on the street,it was raining and we held newspaper over our heads. the scene seemed a brown sepia colour. we drowned in the mud and died.

we then went to our own funeral and i saw us in 3 different forms - dead in the coffin, spirits and as people.

the room was a musky purple smokey colour. the 2 coffins were at either end of a table which had 2 candles on which in the dream were named unity candles..

According to Dreamcrowd:

To see or dream that you are a zombie, suggests that you are physically and/or emotionally detached from people and situations that are currently surrounding you. You are feeling out of touch. Alternatively, it may indicate that you are feeling dead inside and are simply going through the motions of daily living

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you might experience little frustration in your relationship with your boy friend or any close friend,it also indicated your loved one liked fashion & style ,which you couldn't match.You have an urge for meeting your loved ones desire,but you couldn't exactly choose the designs,colours and styles- you thought that had been tough for you.But please be easy and have some thoughtful meditation,ultimately you would succeed.

If you want to be a model, it could indicate you want to accomplish something but you're being forced to do things you don't want to do to get there, and you feel like it's hurting you. Perhaps you feel like you're taking something from somebody else to get to where you want to be, stealing someone else's job, etc.

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