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What do you think my dreams mean?

i was in a place so dark i could barely see anything, and someone came up and asked me what i was doing there. i couldnt see there face but i answered with a simple,"i dont know, where am i?" then the other person said,"the wrong place!" i was shocked by his hostial change in his voice, so i started to run, but he got me. then it kinda went blurry and when everything got clear again,he was pacing back and forth in front of me as i layed dying on the floor, he kicked me in the ribs. i was in so much pain and i tried to get up but i couldnt move, i was so weak. then he looked at me and i saw his face, he had the eye of horus and he said "i'll be watching you." and he killed me. i woke up screaming and scared, and i had bruises on my ribs like the ones i got in my dream. i dont know what it means, can someone tell me what they think it means. i dont remember my dreams very often but when i do, they arent very pleasent and most of the time when i wake up i feel the pain i felt in my dream and have marks from them.

It means nothing since dreams don't have comprehendable meanings. Dreams are simply the brain running through past events and thinking forward to potential scenarios and jumbling them all up.

It's the brains way of relaxing and just messing with the information constantly running through it.

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