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I had a dream last night of first my leg being injured the skin could be opened up and I could see in. I do not know how it was injured, but was comfortable with it, but here is the part that I was interested in. I had a big fat white worm come out of my skin before it was injured I had to help it come completely out. After the injury I could see where it had been living I suppose like a little cocoon inside my leg up against the bone. I thought to myself ohh, thats why I keep having worms come out my skin I have to take care of that. I felt this way because every so often I have dreams of worms coming out of my wrists. These are little white ones, never any pain, and I am never disgusted nor uncomfortable about them. I do however cut myself open to let them all out. So yeah that is it, just looking for different opinions on it. I guess you could say the worm part is recurring but the injury to the leg where you could peel back the skin was a new one.

Worms represent any decaying or undermining influence or spirit. Worms are parasites. Worms eat away at things, even living plant and living flesh. Worms are contagious. Worms undermine us nutritionally if we have them in the digestive tract. You could eat all day and starve if you have worms.

We contract worms through food, or touching things infected by them. Sometimes, a worm can get into a wound. A worm can "burrow in". All this sounds disgusting, but we've got to identify your "worms" and where they are coming from.

You have somehow, somewhere ingested negative influences that are undermining you emotionally and/or spiritually. This could be false teaching, criticism, negative people in your life, destructive relationships, etc.

You demonstrate that you are willing to identify and eliminate such error, even if it means "cutting into" your mind and heart to do so. What I find interesting here is that the worm not only lived inside you, but had a little cocoon there. Apparently, you had ingests "eggs" and they had hatched and reproduced there. If the "cocoon" is still there, perhaps the root of whatever is producing the eggs is still inside your mind/heart/spirit and can produce more of the same. So, you have to get to the root of it.

Pray and ask God to reveal to you the source of the "worms" or "worm eggs" It may be things so small you hardly notice, but once "ingested" into your spirit, they hatch and grow into something much larger. They may seem to be "white lies"... often considered relatively harmless. But no good thing comes from a lie.

Bones represent your spiritual and emotional foundation. This is what is being attacked. The Bible tells us some of the things that can undermine or weaken our bones, and some things that can strengthen them. Pleasant words are healing to the bones, so it stands to reason unpleasant words are harmful to our emotional/spiritual framework. A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. (What is crushing your spirit?). A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. (So, angry looks and bad news will do the opposite). A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. (Bitterness also rots the bones. Bitterness is a hurt that is left to "fester" and dig in deep.) Wisdom, love, humility, forgiveness.. all these strengthen the "bones". Their opposites are worms that undermine.

We need spiritual nourishment, good nutrition for our hearts and minds. These things build us up emotionally, spiritually and even help keep our body and immune systems strong. They help prevent depression.

Worms, on the other hand, are destructive. Worms include:
false philosophy and teaching (if we base our life on it), oppressive and harsh leadership (whether itis teachers, parents, supervisors at work, philosophers, authors, talk show hosts or religious teachers and leaders.).

More worms: cursing (negative and profane speech), criticism, harsh attitudes, attacks of anger, occult teaching and influences, gossip, grief, personal sin or transgressions, guilty conscience, stress.

Some "worms" we pick up in our day to day interactions with others, and may be easily identified and dealt with before we absorb them (just like a good hand washing) by prayer, contemplation, and exposing ourself to truth. Other "worms" have more access to us and we are more vulnerable: growing up in a harsh environment, harsh judgment from parents, adult children or spouse (verbal abuse), regularly ingesting false teaching from a teacher, preacher, writer, T.V. personality or friend, occult exposure and practice, and more.

One last source of "worms"... I have already mentioned harsh parents, but I think some "worms" are passed down through the family line. The causes are spiritual at the root, but have impacted the DNA of the family line in such a way that the family has the tendency to depression or illness as a result. Medical science pretty much backs this up. Sometimes, we can deal with the root cause, but out bodies have already been undermined from years of stress or abuse, and it could take medication (anti-depressants) to help us conquer our "worms". Or, even some illnesses are like emotional parasites on our bodies, so a good check up and an honest look at family history is also in order. You want to identify and deal with not just the worms, but the source of the eggs, the cocoon!

You have probably already identified the source of your worms by now, or at least some of the major ones. Dealing with them for so long may have made you overly sensitive to flaws in yourself, as your dreams express the willingness to probe and remove. Be gentle with yourself! Ask God to show you what you need to see and to prescribe the course of action you need to take. It could include distancing yourself from certain influences and relationships.

I pray for strength for you. I pray for joy for you! Here is to a "worm free" future!

God bless you!

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