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What do you think this dream means? Airplanes etc?

Last night I dreamed that I boarded an airplane but it was a really modern futuristic airplane, especially the interior. When we took off for our overseas (to China I think it was) flight I realised that I had left my vanity case behind - which meant no makeup, shampoo, skin care products and I couldn't believe it, I didn't know how I would cope without it. But I figured I would try and get everything I needed when I landed.
All my adult life I have had airplane dreams of various types and situations. It's kind of a recurring theme for me.

Well to overanalyze things, I would say the fact that your forgot something when you were going far, far away means something.

Ive had dreams like that, and I know I am a pretty forgetful person. Im always missing appointments where I sometimes have to pay a fee (90 dollars! ouch), Ive missed work completely before, I forget to set my alarms all the time and I am infamous for losing things: I have lost a $100 jacket, SIX phones, TWO iPods and a variety of other valuables.

What Im saying is, maybe if you have lost something before or forgotten something and you will never have it again, and that is reflecting in your dreams.

It could also be that you've had a bad experience on an airplane before, or you are afraid of them subconsciously and you always dream about them, seeing as how dreams often reflect your greatest fears.

Or MAYBE you have an unsatisfied itch for adventure and travel, and you keep dreaming about it because you haven't seen enough of the world.

I am not very good at this, but those are my best answers I could think of!

Idk about the airplane but I think the make up left behind may that u r beautiful just the way u r... U don't need make up 2 make u look good

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