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What do you think this dream means?

I dreamt that i was with my auntie going to a music festival but id forgotten something so i went home. on the way home it switched to a third person view and two people attacked me and stabbed my multiple times, the person ivolved then stands over me and is about to drive it into my chest but somehow i managed to over power him and put it through him, i then crawl to the pavement i died, which then made me wake up.

Quite a violent dream i know but its not the first violent one ive had. What do you think this could mean?

First...I would stop useing tobacco..you are obviously having a Re-action to chemicals..I would stop going to a Smokey Environment..
If that's your first dream of that magnitude;;?
I'd worry..
I've had a similar dream..but was walked up to..as I layed upon the ground--face down..and was repeatily shot in the back..I did not awaken until the next morning..and just laid there thinking about that..
I have always been a NEWS-story reader..since like 11-years old..I would read newspapers every night(like 2)..then a couple of my Mom's magazines..
I would think such a dream would offer some "inclusion"..
Like BLOGGING--which your doing..
I would say your a hard worker..and consider your DIET--
If the DREAMS are a bother..try a diet change..don't panic..you seem OK..to me.

I think Hannah has read too many books about dreams. Dreams are seldom so easy to say "this represents that". They are always about what they represent TO YOU.

However, in this dream, you change directions, instead of fun with a relative, you go off alone, to an unsafe or perhaps undesirable environment. A place of risk, where you are "killed" or thwarted/stopped.

So you need to ask yourself what you are pursuing that is apart from - or even against the wishes of - your family or friends, or even your own desires. Something that you feel isolated in doing, and that maybe you don't even WANT to do. It's possible the dream is telling you what you already know: Your plans will end badly for you. Your path is not healthy.

Examples can be as diverse as 1) if you recently tried drugs, or 2) if you are thinking of changing careers and are subconsciously afraid of this change.

In either scenario you are subconsciously aware - and trying to tell yourself to listen - that the idea is not wise.

But only you can know what each thing represents. (i.e. to my sister and I, the color purple represents our mother, as it was her favorite. You won't find that in any book)

To dream that you have been stabbed, signifies your struggle with power. You may be experiencing feelings of inadequacy and defensiveness. Alternatively, you may be feeling betrayed as the popular phrase goes, "being stabbed in the back".

To dream that you are being attacked by someone, signifies questions on your character and the need for you to defend yourself. You are feeling stressed, vulnerable and helpless. You may also be faced with difficult changes in your waking life. Dreaming of an attacks provides a way for you to confront a situation that you are avoiding in real life.

To dream that you are at festival, symbolizes happiness, celebration and joviality. You are in a good place in your life right now.

To dream that you are forgetting things, signifies life's anxieties, the overwhelming stress in your life and your responsibility to tend to everything and everyone's needs. Alternatively, forgetting something may represent your unconscious desire to leave that something behind. On a more direct level, the dream could just be your subconscious telling you or reminding you of a forgotten appointment or date.

To dream of your own death, indicates a transitional phase in your life. You are becoming more enlightened or spiritual. Alternatively, you are trying desperately to escape the demands of your daily life.

Hope that helps!

are you gay?
its just that stabbings in dreams usually mean that you have a cactus
and cactus is the italian way of saying man lover

you feel helpless and insecure and are waiting for a chance to make something of yourself to prove to yourself that you arent worthless

this dream it's boolcheat you are scared

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