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What do you think this dream means?

Well, I had a dream where I was in my gym, in my p.e. clothes, and there was a long rope ladder all the way up to the ceiling. My gym is really high by the way. I started crying but I was not afraid as I started to climb the rope ladder. When I had reached the top I was still crying and I fell. Just like that I fell, I couldn't tell if I let go or I fell, hard to tell. I hit the gym floor REALLY hard and I thought I had died, but I got up and I was fine and everyone was looking at me all weird. Their was also a boy their who climbed it and fell and he was in bandages and a wheelchair. I WAS FINE THOUGH! And everyone was looking at me in disbelief! I want to know what my dream means, also, when I was little I used to cry when I was sad or mad and then all of a sudden something great would happen! Weird right? Oh well, can someone tell me what my dream mean in your OWN opinion! Thanks! <3

I believe your dream means that you are a strong person and even though you might fall down in life you can always pick your self up and move on with out a problem while others get up but still feel the pain they are still recovering from a situation and can never seem to move on the crying part is your fear of falling of making a mistake or even find your self in to trouble

in your present waking life you are going up in the world either in a job or some kind of a project around you. you are moving up. you have a partner in this project or job who this person is also trying to get up there. however it might me a tough call, you fall hard but your partner will face more problems than you. may be some financial problems or some kind of surroundings. something gets lost and it is very sad, lots of tears being shed on all the efforts made. you are strong through out it and you will persevere.
i wish you lots of luck. take care.

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