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What does a black crow mean in a dream?

I was really not even sleep when I had this, or so I don't think. I just looked up from the bed and it seemed as if a black crow flew over me. I jumped up startled thinking it was real, it felt real. What does this mean?

Dreams of crows have had bad meanings since time began...the most common meaning that is agreed on by many dream interpreters is that it relates to some form of death or illness..

Dreaming of birds generally signifies positive times. Generally a crow represents your overall power to manifest and things that you have been working towards in my life. Crows are a quite an uncommon dream symbol, sometimes appearing in a strange place or flying in the sky, even trapped in a cage. Some ancient dream dictionary entries contains the dream interpretation of a crow usually represents change.

This also included that, if a young man dreams of a Crow this often indicates meeting a new women. To hear crows in your dream shows that there are others that are influencing you and you need to make sure you make up your own mind. To see crows outside a prison indicates someone in your life is making you feel uneasy. To dream of a crow in flight may signify your own freedom from restraint in much the same manner as the meaning of a flying dream. Shamans for many years interpreted that to see a crow means that you have been working on manifesting things to come into your life. To see more than one crow in your dream indicates you need to understand that the crow maybe your own totem animal.

Crow – dreaming of a crow can have two meanings. Traditionally the crow warns of death, although today it is more likely to mean great change. It may also represent wisdom and deviousness.

.A crow attacking or eating something is a warning of cancer. For example, a crow burrowing into your chest is a warning of breast cancer.

A crow sitting on a roof or flying to or from one indicates negative thoughts. A large crow flying overhead symbolizes depression...

This black fellow is an unhappy omen. He's usually a forerunner of sadness, though not necessarily grief.

One of the first principles of dream work is that you should only tell your dreams to a person who has your best interest at heart. You asked strangers about your dream and some of them gave you very negative answers, because they don't know you and they don't care about you. I advise you to ignore those interpretations about death and bad things. Each person's dream has meaning for that person. Looking in a dream dictionary for "canned" meanings is not helpful.

I like the fact that you weren't fully asleep. In that in-between state, I have had some of my best dreams. They are more like visions. I regard your dream as a vision. I had a similar dream about an owl flying over me. I also had that strong sense of reality that you describe. It seems to mark the dream as more powerful than other dreams.

Think of this crow as a friend. You have had a very special visitation in this dream. In real life, crows are among the most intelligent birds. Crows are watchful. Ted Andrews writes, "They always have a sentinel posted. They build their nests high in the treetops so that they can see the entire area in which they are living and feeding." Through watchfulness a crow warns other crows of threats.

Maybe your crow has a message for you. He may be a spirit guide or a totem animal for you. It's possible that your friend the crow might have come to protect you. He may be telling you to be watchful. Or maybe he is reassuring you that as your spirit guide, he is watching out for you.

I would say it's important to use your intuition, and if you ever sense that any danger is near, or that there is a person who does not mean you well, you will be able to avoid the problem. You will learn to be clever from the crow, who is a trickster figure in folklore. So do not worry about the crow being a bad omen. That's just superstition. Pay attention to your own intuition, not to what people say about your dream.

Ted Andrews says that crows "are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. They remind us to look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life. They are messengers calling to us about the creation and magic that is alive within our world every day and available to us."

A Native American writer, Bobby Lake, Thom, says that crows and ravens are always good-luck signs of protection and messengers of wealth.

I think your dream is beautiful, and you can feel good about it. Watch and see if you see any crows when you go out. That could be confirmation that the crow is your guardian spirit.

I just had a dream that 3 crows came to my bedroom and they were so kind and calm, sat on my chest and wanted to tell me something, I called my husband, he replied kindly then I woke up.
First I thought I may loose my mom, but then I thought they were my angles to protect me. :)

If it was a crow then that means a bad thing might happen soon.
If it was a raven then it means the bad thing was deflected.

Well this is just like one of the merlin episodes the return of Cornelius Segan the greatest wizard.
Well i think its a symbol.
Of something idk.
But i think its the return of someone in your life.
Or not maybe some person.

All i know is its.


EDIT: Nat's Answer FTW

it means that death will come soon ... if u look at wicca websites and found out about the crow thing ... it means u or someone in ur family will die a painless death

it means that you are going to meet your soulmate and he is going to be a shapeshifting vampire -.-

LOL iJokes...i think it means that whatever danger was going to befall on you.,that sortof got deflected somehow...but thenagain thats me >.>

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