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What does a dream about Eating disorders mean?

A couple nights ago I had a dream I can only remember brief parts of. I was eating something and my body was sickly skinny looking, While i was eating it this other girl appeared and started yelling at me and cursing me and being terrible until I was crying and purged all the food even though she was screaming at me it seeemed like no one else could see or hear her. I just wanna know what this means? Ive always had problems with my weight and body issues, when i was 10 i used to pinch the fat on my arms until it hurt and its gotten so bad that i dont wanna walk to the front of my class room or even wear good clothing

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. The media today makes girls try to fit an impossible image and tears apart there sense of confidence. Since you said that you have had issues with this type of thing before and obviously think about it a lot, I'm sure you suffer anxiety from all of this. Feeling like your too fat and not good enough can cause some serious anxiety, so if that's the case I'm sorry. This dream could be returning thoughts of this anxiety in dream form. Especially if you ignore these types of thoughts and don't talk to some one about it. Then they dwell and burrow into your mind. Unfortunately while sleeping the barrier goes away and these negative thoughts and emotions can return in dream form.

The fact that nobody could see or hear this girl in your dream means she wasn't real to anybody else. This means that the girl in your head screaming at you and giving off these negative emotions was probably your subconscious / the devil on your shoulder. The best way to stop dreams like this from occurring is solving the problem when you're awake. Figure out why your anxious about this type of thing and solve it. Don't ignore the stress, figure out a healthy way to deal with your negative emotions. Be happy with you are, and be comfortable in your skin, if not your going to live a long sad life. Something could always be worse, so just try to force a smile :D

Hope this helps ^^

You feel discontent with yourself, and since you're sensitive about your weight, maybe your mind's trying to warn you about not going too far with losing weight.

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