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What does a dream of finding a hanging body mean?

During my last sea duty I had a dream that I was on duty doing equipment checks and got a sinking feeling that something was wrong, and then I see a dark hallway and I start down it and it becomes darker and darker and I see something swaying, suspended. I take out my flashlight to see what it is and its the body of a man. I woke with a start. Do dreams always have a meaning? Or are dreams just your body making a movie without any meaning?

There are several levels of sleep. The higher levels means you are in a deeper sleep. In a lower level of sleep or lightly sleeping you are more aware of what is happening to you physically. In deeper sleep you're not as aware.

If you were on a boat when you had this dream, it is possible that you were subconsciously feeling the swaying of the boat and your subconcious mind conjured up this image of a body swaying in the air.

On the other hand, a corpse could represent something inside you that has died. It could also represent depression either in yourself or in someone you know since many depressed people attempt or contemplate suicide.

i think dreams do have some meaning but they don't always have a deep spiritual, meaning of life-type meaning. Sometimes dreams are just the mind's way of dealing with events that happened during the day, re-playing the events of the day. Sometimes they are just fears, worries or concerns. Many times falling dreams are just the mind reacting to muscle spasms. Muscle spasms are common while we sleep. Or a person may have neck pain and dream that they are beheaded or shot in the head. It's just the dreaming mind responding to pain. Another common dream is dreaming of being attacked by demons and then waking with scratches. People itch and scratch themselves in thier sleep.

i doubt that your dream is a premonition dream unless someone has been talking about suicide or hanging themselves, in which case your mind has been worrying about this.

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