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What Does A Dream With a Black Lake And A Boat Mean?

i had a dream that i dived into this giant black lake from on top of this canyon like 300 feet down and then i landed in the water and my head hurt and i was like getting all delusional and dizzy and i was like going unconscious or something and then i saw some guy like a mile away that looked like a lifeguard and yelled at me to get in the boat, and there was a paddle boat thing in the water, like one of those little boats that are for recreation and have pedals and two seats and you kind of make it move by pushing the pedals like a bike. anyways then i climbed on it and i dont remember what else, oh ye and there was also a giant diving board in the lake that iw as planning on climbing up and divingdown again but i didnt cause i was hurt so i dont know what this dream means

It means to think about what you are doing before you just go blind sided and jumping into something. The dream is saying that you keep getting into the same rut, because you are not using your head to think about something befroe you do it. If you start thinking and preplanning your life will go so much better and easier.

Perhaps you dived into something too soon and entered into a black period in your life ,perhaps it left you confused and a bit delusional about whatever that situation was?

You looked to somewhere/someone to get you out this black patch and see a "life guard" someone you trust/someone to save you from whatever you were feeling.

The paddle boat being recreational may mean you think it will be relatively easy to get out this situation,especially if you have help from someone else,these type of boats are two seaters that require two people maybe you need to compromise/unite with someone or within yourself? Maybe the fact that its peddle style also indicates that it will take slow steps and some effort.

The giant diving board represents whether or not your ready to take these sorts of risks in life again as this eariler situation [the black lake] hurt you in some way as symbolised by the genuine "hurt" you felt from the first fall.

I have a feeling this reprsents a relationship of some sort.

I have experienced the same type of dream. For some reason I was always in a pond of dark water. I am not sure if the water was dark or if it was night. One thing for sure is that my hands where tied behind my back and I could barely break the surface of the water before I had to take large gulps of air. Every time this type of dream occurred it woke me up gasping.

This bothered me so bad that I went to see a doctor. I thought I was going nuts. The doctor ran some tests and found that I was suffering from a very common affliction called sleep apnea. What happens is the throat closes and you stop breathing. This manifests itself into a dream where I am drowning. The doc said that this is very hard on the body because it raises the blood pressure. Lowers oxygen levels in the blood and people have been known to pass out and expire.

I now sleep with a C-PaP which forces air into my lungs and stops me from not breathing. The treatment is great as I have had no more breath holding episodes. If this is constantly happening I would strongly urge you too see a doctor. It may save your life.

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