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What does being held hostage with a crowbar mean in a dream?

I can't find it anywhere. I wasn't scared. I knew the person who was holdin g me hostage. I was curled up in a ball in the corner on the couch, like I was cold. She came up behind me, and did that to me. What does it mean?

Not a thing.

Those "if you dream of an oak, it means you'll sprain your ankle" things are complete hooey.

Most of the content of dreams is random -- your brain is firing off here and there, and the sense-making part turns it into a narrative.

It might be that you're anxious about something.

But "looking up" stuff like this is pointless. If there are symbols here, they are YOUR symbols, not universal symbols.

It may be symbolizing the way that that person makes you feel when you are around them... Like they are Superior over you or that they may have a stronger personality... It could also be something that this person has done to you to make you subconsciously wonder if they have done something are if they are trying to do something to you that could be mean or harmful in some way...


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