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What does darkness in my dream mean?

I woke up from the worst nightmare I've had in a long time. In my dreams, the surroundings often change a bit or I will be in the same place just another room or I'll actually go somewhere els on purpose. In this dream, no matter where I was it was night time AND I was surrounded by darkness. I think I remember thinking in the dream that the lights were broken or something.
Any way my older brother who recently moved out was briefly there and that's all I know about him being in the dream. I was on the computer like I often am. The only things I could ever see in this dream was what I was looking at but still there was little or no light. I remember feeling scarred of the dark and my situation. I had a "bad feeling" the whole time. At some point in the dream I looked out a window into a forest like setting and I THINK that's where I saw my older brother. At another point I was in a pitch black room looking at a large flat screen T.V. I was angry because my little brother had left his X-box pages up and i couldn't figure out how to go back to my own pages.
Not long after that I was outside on my porch and saw my mom. I was really, REALLY freaking out in my dream from the darkness and that "bad feeling" I had. My brought a small sense of comfort when she was there. (although I remember her being angry at something and terrifying earlier in the same dream around the time I was on the computer.) Any way she made feel a bit better at first and I told her my fears. She took me on a drive so I could tell her more about it. We were in the car and I told her that something felt weird, that things were wrong at home and how terrified I'd been feeling throughout the dream. She tried to comfort me but we were driving VERY fast in the dark and on a deserted freeway. (I've dreamed about this road before, a lot of places in my dreams are based on reality but are somehow there own place or a completely strange place an d different dreams can happen in places I've been in other dreams.) So we were going quickly, i was nervous but kept talking to my mom and we were driving toward an exit but went around it, sideways, underground, and sort of into a tunnel. I was really freking out and my mom started getting scary again and seemed angry or just evil. We were going upside down in the car and it was starting to fall off the wall now. I was starting to think and HOPE that it was just a dream and I guess my sub-conscience threw in some ways to jolt me awake, like the falling thing, but it wouldn't work, I think my mom was laughing, we kept going on the wall and upside-down on the roof which started to crush in on me. It didn't hurt but felt very uncomfortable and FINALLY I began to wake up. When i opened my eyes I was still half dreaming and my pillow cases spun around. I fought to get out of that terrifying dream and when I made it, I said, "Thank God!" I still had that "bad feeling" I had throughout the dream and questioned weather I was really awake. I turned on the light and shook it off. Finally I made myself get out of bed and walk around outside my room a bit so I could wake up and be more certain of reality. I turned on ALL the lights, and closed the blinds. The darkness was the creepiest part. It was almost like it had something to do with the "bad feeling" and strange behavior of my mother, whom, in reality, I love and is a very kind, loving, comforting and wonderful person. This dream really shook me up and I am sure I can't remember all the details but the ones I gave, I think, are the most important anyway. Please help me out, I am still worried about going back to bed. Thanks.

You are afraid of darkness.Black indicate past or future.You might have a black or unhappy child hood.Another possibility is your future is black or not so good.You are lonely and having no friends.The present situation shows helpless times.The indication is that you are not taking any efforts to come out of black,even if your mom is helpful.If you can work and try you can come out from dark.Mom will help.Make friends,share your thoughts,you are not alone in the world.After the dark the Sun will rise.Good Luck

I use to have similar dreams. I hated being in super dark rooms too. Pray to God, the Creator of the Universe, about it and He will protect you. God has been helping me and I don't have a fear of darkness anymore.

God bless you and yours.

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