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What does dreams of public masturbation mean?

First off, ignore the email and username. This is my troll account, but also my embarrassing questions account.

This may sound weird, but I've had a recurring event in my dream, not recurring dream altogether, where I am masturbating in privacy, but suddenly I am on a bus or in class and everyone is watching me. I end up really embarrassed until I wake up.

Another event is where I have a winter coat or sweatshirt on, and when I take it off, I have nothing under it. (I'm a guy so it's not that bad.)

Does this mean anything? Thanks

Fear of embarrassment. Your dreams have a theme of nudity, and it's when we bare our selves (physically as in nudity or when we share our emotions) we are most vulnerable to others. There might be something in your subconscious that needs to be transferred to your conscious mind and shared with others but you are afraid of what others will think about you.

its about transparency and not being able to hide from others. It could be your feelings beliefs or attitudes. Masturbation is self gratification or possibly selfishness. The theme is not being able to hide or others see what your all about even when you think you can cover up.

In real life u are shy on sex issues ,sour repressed sex desire is open in dream. x

It means you been a bad boy and that you deserve a spanking.

You were raped as a small child.

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