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What does it mean if I dream about having lots of lamps but no lightbulbs?

I always dream that my house has been redecorated wonderfully. Then i come home later in the dream and there are an abundance of lamps and other lighting fixtures and they all either have no lightbulbs or their lightbulbs are burnt out. I try to turn them on but they dont work and i cant find any light bulbs.

In this dream the house represents you and the redecorated wonderfully represents the potential in which you have everything in order but there is still something missing. The light is missing from your life but once you find it everything will be complete.

it just means that you keep dreaming about all the details and everything... but you forget that you must take action to make your house beautiful. An empty lamp with no light bulbs or those that do not work are like empty ideas...

try working on your ideas, perhaps one day your lamps would light up.

The house is YOU you want to change redecorate make a wonderful new you but you have no idea on how to do this .

seems like maybe your life is very dim have you fallen on hard times or lost a love one but your future will brighten up ! you are searching for brighter days hence trying to find bulbs

It would appear to mean that something is missing. You could read different ideas into it.
It could mean that you have everything you want in life in front of you but you can't see it yet until you do something about it.
It could mean that you are missing something important that you want.
It could mean absolutely nothing.

your haunted

you have no idea.

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