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What does it mean if I dreamed that I got a haircut like my boss?

I had this dream of visiting a downtown metro area and treating myself to a real expensive hair salon. So everything went ok with the visit the hairstylist was even cute. When I left the salon walking down the street; however I looked into my reflection on a window and yikes I had exactly the same haircut my boss did. It was like I had the same hair color and all, real identical. So what could this mean?

You have to break it down to find its meaning. Do you envy what your boss has? Things he does? What he wears? Does your boss live the dream life that you crave? It also doesn't mean you want to be identical to him, there might be aspects of his life you wish to mirror in your own. Such as him being a higher up in the company, maybe this is where you wish to be in the future.

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