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What does it mean if I'm killed or seriously injured in a dream?

In 4 of my dreams I'm injured or killed...

The most recent im shot at close range with a rifle four times, but for some reason I still live (also the asian dude from "Mythbusters" is in that same dream..WHY!?). I was raobbing a bank with 3 others(one being the asian dude), however i tipped off the cops. When they came they thanked me as they surronded us. My allie automaticly knew what I did and shot me four times from 2 ft. away. I walked away like it was nothing...

2nd most recent=
Setting; time:1899 Paris, kind of like the movie Moulin Rouge...
Job; Mob member
C.O.A; Shot point blank, straight to the heart.
I refused to kill a woman who I had an affair w/ so my boss (who was one of my real life best friends) killed the woman and the me...
I woke up instantly...

3rd most recent=
Setting; Indoor pool at The Y...2005
Job; student (still am =p)
C.O.A; Drowning...3 bullies where picking on me, continuosly dunking me and pushing me deeper and deeper. I felt the pressure

If you are very concerned about this, talking to a therapist is the best route. The flip, easy, pop-psychology answer is that you may be feeling like you are going through some big challenges and surviving them (or succumbing to them).

However, if your fear is that your dreams are premonitions, I wouldn't worry unless you are actually involved in a life-threatening job. If so, get out! If not, be assured that many of us have dreams like this before big changes or during challenging times in our lives. Thank goodness your unconscious is close enough to the surface to help you process these fears.

when someone dreams that he died it's a sign from god to this person to make him value his life more
being injured and falling down,struggling to run away of somethin/someone means u r a person who gets soo weak when a problem face him,u try to run away of the problem but the problem is holding u so hard

OMG. I hate those dreams, but to me they are so fun to have. In one of my dreams, my dad was shot and killed and then I was, because I witnessed a murder. And the killer thought I would tell so he shot me. And In the second I was stabbed to death by some man who was planning on kidnapping me from the local carnival but decided to kill me there. Wow. I think yours are better. But I dont think theres anything wrong with it. Hope not...cuz it happens to me. Aren't they so fun to tell your friends about though?

in one and two you are committing the crime but you have this side of you that is just like omg i cant take it i cant be a bad person and maybe you relate to that somehow in reality, and in the third dream, you are expressing fear, pressure of stress, and panic. open your eyes to your surroundings because your dreams are trying to telllyou something.

It means you've been eating the wrong kinds of foods before bedtime.

It means that you are capable of lucid dreaming, and that you are interested in overcoming your fears.

Maybe you've been watching to many movies?

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