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What does it mean if you dream of dead animals?

I had a dream where I was in my backyard with my dog. I suddenly saw this huge rattlesnake in my pool and he was kind of just swimming around, it didn't seem harmful. When I went back into my house to tell my parents, They didn't seem like they cared. I just remember my cousins and my brothers getting really interested. When I went back to the backyard to get the snake and to release it somewhere safer, the backyard was a mess.
I remember the atmosphere being a lot more cramped, dark, and tense. I couldn't find the rattlesnake in the pool so I went through my backyard (We live on a hill so there are levels of the backyard). When I went through the levels, there were dead rabbits, birds, possums, rats, and skunks. Then, I saw three dead snakes in the highest level of my backyard. I remember my body being really heavy and slow but my cousins and my brother were laughing and having fun with the dead animals.
What does this mean?

This dream has within it many situations that you may find difficult to deal with.
You have had a vision of incredible mayhem. Such carnage and death is a kind of subconscious warning that you feel threatened and indeed terrified with some past or present parts of your life.
From a pleasant image of a boy in the backyard with his dog surrounded by a scene of raw but natural beauty, a visitation of evil and devastation devours this whole tranquillity. The magnitude of the evil is overpowering, Firstly rattlers are not swimmers and in this image the serpent for me is the devil in disguise. The disinterest of your kin folk is the embellishment of loneliness and abandonment. Evil will always want to create you in a single one-to one situation. He engineered the fall of man by being able to speak to Eve alone. He shows then the reign of his carnage through the scale in the s dead animals you described. Total wipe-out, a killing field, possibly poisoning the ground with the blood of the dead.
You have been chosen to give a wake-up call not just to yourself but perhaps to the world. The Evil One wants back his kingdom! In a personal way now you have to review your own life. Is there any upcoming way you are contemplating major change? Are you about to invest in real estate or to take on a major job change. Is there someone that you need to rely on to make this happen? Check all this out.
I think you have received a premonition in the form of a dream that potential disaster, failure and tragedy awaits such a venture. There is a snake waiting in human form wanting to devour your future and leave your life like a giant grave. Please, please take great care.

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