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What does it mean to be climbing a staircase in a dream?

I was climbing a staircase with MUCH dificulty, like I had anchors weighing my feet down. It was the most exhuasting dream ever!

Possibly means you are currently dealing with an emotional struggle you are finding hard to deal with. Trying to progress, move onwards and upwards but being held back and delayed.
I have a friend who recently dreamt she was struggling walking up a steep hill and had a huge, heavy rucksack on her back. In her case, it seemed to point to having too much to deal with (kids, new job, difficult husband, etc.) so yours could be the same kind of thing.

Dreams are just your subconscious' way of putting your thoughts and feelings into an image.

If this does seem the case, and you have a lot on your plate at the moment, give yourself a break and try and take it easy when you can.

Take care.

-To dream of climbing up a flight of stairs means the dreamer will experience a rise in social or financial status.

To see an anchor in your dream, signifies stability and security. This dream has two possible meanings. One is that you stand firmly on your views and opinions. The other is, some relationship or situation in your life is holding you back and restraining your freedom.


Climbing a staircase is a good sign. It means that you are making forward progression in your life. Even though you encounter difficulties, you are still moving forward.

It means that you might have wanted to get to the top of the stairs in your dream. Otherwise you probably would not have climbed them.

you want to go higher than you are now... could be at work or in life ,but it sounds like that path will give you a little difficulty.

my dreambook says: denotes that fair prospects will relive former anxiety. hope this makes sense.

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