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What does it mean to dream about a bookstore?

I keep having these dreams about the same old fashioned bookstore. The building itself and the way everything is set up never changes. The things in the store are always different. For the most part, it is just books but there are also other things as well. Like last night I found an quill pen there. What is really odd, is that in my dream it is a bookstore in town but there isn't one here in real life.

Surely there must be some significance in a repeated theme & setting, perhaps that you're simply charmed by the idea of an old-fashioned bookstore in your town.

From dream-of.com, a store represents your needs & desires or brainstorming new ideas & choices. A bookstore specifically "symbolizes your quest for knowledge and ideas. You want to develop your mental sharpness."

A pen represents "self-expression and communication." Specifically a quill pen symbolizes success, status, & prestige. Also, it suggests that you may need to be careful what you write. The Freudian interpretation is that a quill pen is symbolic of the penis. Well, of course, Freud would say that. What else would we expect? It doesn't mean there's any reason to accept what Freud says with all of these other choices for interpretation of your dream.

On the other hand, the site called dream-symbols says that books represent self-knowledge, broadening our consciousness, a new period in our lives, & wisdom that we are seeking but can't find. A full bookcase represents advancement through your own efforts.

That's interesting that there isn't such a bookstore in your town & that this is an old-fashioned one at that. It seems like something that you might wish for, but you might have to travel back in time to get anyone to open one. Just out of curiosity, you could ask around among some old-timers to find out if there ever was one. I don't know what that would tell you, but wouldn't it be interesting if there was one? If such a store existed, maybe you were taken there as a child.

Any of these symbolic interpretations might seem meaningful for you. However, don't forget the matter of a more personal interpretation. We should remember that we're the ones who are writing the stories of our dreams. Also, imagine that you are explaining a bookstore or any of the other elements in your dreams to someone from another planet. I think it was dream interpreter Betty Bethards who suggested that as a good approach to interpretation. Such an interpretation might reveal more fully what the dream means to ourselves, so at times we should set aside our dream dictionaries & consider that type of interpretation. It might also be some blend of the two, the standard symbols + our own.

In the end, it's not what the dream means to me, but really what this bookstore means to you. Frankly, I'm charmed by the idea, & I hope that you are, too. Of course, if you think about it for awhile, it may turn out to be something that you saw in a TV show or a movie. However, your mind did latch upon it, so perhaps some of these symbols have some meaning for you. Thanks for sharing your very interesting dreams with us.

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