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What does it mean to dream about a red snake wrapped around my leg?

so I had a dream about my brother smashing my guitar, then there was all this sadness and a woman (I forgot who) offered to try to help fix it. I then felt a strange feeling on my leg and when I looked down, there was a red snake coiled around my leg. At first, no one recognized it as a snake, but it started getting tighter and tighter. Eventually, they got the snake off, but right after it came off, it felt like the snake had bit me, and I woke up before I could tell. what does it mean?

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind. Typically, you are just processing daily thoughts, feelings and events in the dream.

Red is the color of anger - it seems that your brother definitely has some anger issues and takes them out on you (smashing your guitar).

Legs move us forward in life - someone is keeping you from moving forward. it could be the family issues of anger and "sadness" and a woman (mom?)

Snakes can mean many things as a dream symbol. Sometimes they mean nasty people who would harm and betray us; sometimes they symbolize sex and the male appendage; sometimes snakes symbolize transformation of a high and spiritual level

Intelligent and talented adults KNOW that dreams mean something - often, they are your own subconscious attempting to talk to you and overrid the very strong conscious mind. The guy above me is very untalented and doesn't know how to interpret. It takes education (I have many degrees, including English, psychology and a law degree from excellent top-tier schools). Often, the people who dismiss dreams are uneducated religious nuts.

Dreams are the result of random brain waves, and have no meaning or significance.

Once you know this, you life becomes easier - you can enjoy or ignore your dreams, and you are better off.

Yes, there is a folktale that dreams have meaning, but it is totally false.

Intelligent adults know that dreams are meaningless, and now you know it too.

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