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What does it mean to dream about studying a map?

I'm a single teenage girl and I had a dream where I was sitting on a couch, and I had a guy lying between my legs watching TV while I was studying a map? That guy in my dream was apparently a boyfriend. The fact that I was studying a map and had a boyfriend, kinda got to me. Does anyone know if it means anything or what it can symbolize?

The map means that you may be determining where you are going to go with your life, but there is still a degree of uncertainty

Experto Credo is right. But I'll add that as the boyfriend is between your legs, you looking at the map - might be you deciding whether to remain with him (unbeknownst to him).

Or You studying the map is you contemplating whether you should have a boyfriend - OR STUDYING ! To get a college degree.

Interesting dream, interesting crossroads.

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