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What does it mean to dream of being in labor.?

i am trying to figure the dream out but i just cant.
First i was out side in a run down little sub division sitting on the steps. And i was really pregnant. i was about to go inside when my water broke. all of a sudden everyone was rushing around me. Some one put an IV in my hand. Ouch it was like t was really happening. then my dream kind of just jumped to be being in a hospital, But they had no regular birthing rooms so they had me in a waiting area.(very big room)and i realized that i no longer had an iv in my hand. don't no when it came out. But i had a nurse asking me if i was in pain. and of course i was. Then she just gave me motrin. and i was scared to take it because i didn't no if it would hurt the baby.so i just set it next to my bed. and she came in and gave me another one. and see i didn't take the first one. So she gave me some Tylenol 3 with codeine. then it kept trying to get up and walk around.but i walked into a hall way and into a room. and there was like a round kitchen table with chairs around it and this Machine hooked to the wall. i was leaned up towards a chair to keep my balance. all of a sudden a nurse and my friend were talking and they seemed scared of something. they said they didn't know if the baby was breathing. so i freaked out. walked into the other room. Started looking into a full length mirror. and started talking to the baby and telling it to breath. and mommy is hear waiting for you. Then it seemed as i had the baby in my arms. it was a baby girl. but yet i was still in labor. then the nurse came in told me the baby is doing fine. just need to get it out soon, cause ts having trouble breathing, and just then i woke up. and had to take double take to see that i was just dreaming. yet it felt so real. I no for a fact that i am not pregnant.

Any ideas what this could mean?

i have a book about dreams because i use to have really weird dreams that would slip me and and my book says that life and death are the opposite life means death and death means life...if you dream about death someone or you and is going to have a baby...but if you dream about new life...someone close to you may die or be very hurt. i am sorry it might not be true but it's what the book says. i and my closest friend had a dream the same night about someone dieing and then i found out i was pregnant your best bet is to get a book and look up all the main things in your dream and try and piece it together that's what i do!

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