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What does it mean to dream of escaping a hotel collapsing?

I had a dream of being in a hotel room and I think my mum and my sister were around . I was in a fancy room on the top level. Then an earthquake happened the hotel was just about collapsing and it was on an angle. I was running up the angle to go find some stairs to run down and I saw some people get into an elevator to go down which wasnt wise. I then found this thing that was like an elevator- It was like a giant tube in the wall and you got in and it would take you down. It looked stable but the hole in the wall where it was was a bit high up for some reason so I just kept trying to find stairs. For some reason I feel like this hotel was in Los Angeles which is a place I want to live one day. I found stairs but I was desperately trying to find my mum and sister to come with me, and I was feeling scared for our lives- eventually they found me and we got out of the hotel and we found it was on water. It was floating on water, and I was watching it float away from the mainland, which felt like my hometown, Perth. I ran to the front which was grassy and watched as I felt this hotel just float- In the distance I saw more mainland so we must of been on a river, I would of thought the river here in Perth but I didnt see our tall buildings and city on the other side. I sat down on the front of the hotel on the grassy part and felt as we floated. I was sitting right on the edge and put my feet in the water and it took me a while to realise my feet were in the water, which was really clean and blue despite the rest of the water in the distance looking dark. It was night time by the way but we were lit by moonlight and starlight. Then I saw my dad and I was happy to see him, because my parents are divorced so I dont see him that often. He said that he saved the hotel and got it off the mainland and into the water to avoid more Earthquakes. I was basically crying that he saved us all and I was really grateful.

What does all this mean? When I first woke up the first thought that came into my head was "that had a lot of meaning for you" .

Hi Danielle,

Let's see what you've got...

((Now, this is going to be kinda long, so, I'll try to shorten it where need))..

Dream opens by talking about the state you are in ("in a hotel room"). The "hotel" is the way you see yourself and describes one who is in a temporary place of residence. So it says, you wont be in this for long. It is a room you are in which is more concerned about appearances ("fancy room").

The earthquake you are talking about discusses something that has shaken your foundation, and that you are in a position of collapse, or you feel you may fall apart about some matter. Yet, there's an angle to this!

Dream says you may be searching a goal ("running up the angle") and you need to figure out what steps to take ("go find some stairs"). You may even be searching for an easy way to do it ("run down") either way, it is direction.

Dream also talks about your perspective ("I saw") of people who have gone the wrong way with this ("people get into elevator to go down which wasn't wise") rather, decisions made that may have taken someone down.

Elevators can go few directions {up, down, left, right, and in circles}. You said it resembled a tube in the wall. Perhaps, some are able to slide by? You mentioned that hole being high up... Perhaps, too, it affects those who are higher up. Not sure.

Certainly, the dream talks about your fears ("I was feeling scared-").

Something you may be looking for ("I was trying to find my mum and sister"). Mother is a nurturing aspect of ourselves, often, and sister is like a comrade.

Dream says this is something you are reflecting on your past ("eventually, the found me and we got out of the hotel"). Dream goes on to talk about your emotional wellbeing ("it was on water").

Whatever it pertains to, the dream talks about something that has left or is leaving your view ("I was watching it float away") and is no longer a part of your foundation ("from the mainland"). May be the past ("in the distance")

Grass indicates growth and positive things. Putting your feet in the water shows you are immersed emotionally in something. However, the dream says you are in a good emotional state ("water, which was really clean and blue"). Yet, there is a great deal of concern out there ("the rest of the water in the distance looking dark").

You are outside ("moonlight/starlight) which means this portion of the dream is talking about things going on around you. The "night time" sky indicates there are things which you are uncertain of. However, the "moonlight", which is a lesser light, offers some understanding to you of things you need to know, but very little in this area. The stars ("starlight") are like angels above us which act as guide and direction to knowledge.

Father is a figure of authority, here, something saved ("saved the hotel"). People often stay in hotels for about 2 weeks. so, length of time, here, will be a short stay. Something he may have done ("got it off the mainland and into the water") as to the reason you see it floating away. Apparently, there is a reason for all of this: "to avoid more earthquakes". These are the things that disrupt lives and cause the foundation of our life to be shaken, again, because this needs to be avoided.

The dream may be hinting that you agree that his taking something away and avoiding disrupting people's lives saved you from a lot of emotional pain ('basically crying that he saved us").


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