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What does it mean to dream that a guy friend was excessively smelling me?

He grabbed me by the arms and quickly started to smell me a lot in like search for some scent, and then after awhile when he stopped, his expression was not very pleasant, almost like 'hmmm I don't like it' like pouting his lips with his eyebrows slouched down in dislike or like suspicious disappointment idk.. Anyways I loved while he would smell me so I was like 'omg! XD' Anyways after he stopped he continued again and the dream ended

In all other species than man, the male discovers that the female is
ready to be impregnated by his sense of smell. Some people think
that humans had this ability at one time but modern sanitation
procedures have diminished it.
But while he was smelling and handling you, it provided you with
affectionate attention.

So girls like this? Maybe my next date I shall grab her and smell her all over. That will definitely turn the girl on.

As for your dream. It was probably a wet dream.

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