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What does it mean to find in a dream a "hand tool" with teeth like hedge clippers in a coat pocket?

The coat was green.

well tricky one this. I think Scissors usually mean cutting ribbons or ties (breaking the ties or apron strings obtaining freedom) therefore it could be you need the clippers because you are feeling hedged in or surrounded by problems and you need to prune some growth out of the way (ie;solve some smaller problems to help to see and deal with larger issues) It could also mean to clear away some clutter to make the path easier and for better things to grow in future. In either case I would think it would be saying that things can change and you will be able to change them if you work at it. How's that?

Busy Lady - Your dream suggests that a recent relationship (someone with a "hand tool") has left you cautious of being bitten by something like hedge clippers in a green coat (an alligator or crocodile). I guess it could also be a snake in the grass.

You need to work in your garden.

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