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What does it mean to have a dream about a boy you know but are trying to avoid?

I had this weird "relationship" with this boy, we never dated but we sis mess around for a little. All my friends told me to stop messing with him so I tried to, then all of a sudden he was everywhere I was everyday, I don't know if I never noticed him before or now he knows my daily routine and he knows where I'm going to be at a specific time, so I never had any serious feelings for him that's why we didn't date but now that I keep seeing him I keep think about him and I had a really vivid dream about me and him in a relationship and it was amazing, he bought me whatever I wanted, took me to the beach and made me feel perfect. I don't know what it means because I have a boyfriend.

In my case it would mean that I have gay tendencies which I know for a fact I don't because every-time I see a true pole smoker I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and just want to go regurgitate somewhere..

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