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What does it mean to have a dream where your boyfriend wears diapers? Lol?

In my dream last night, I was at this place with my boyfriend and he eventually was like "I'll be right back baby, I need to change diapers." I was like "Whaaaa?" He was 18, in the dream like he is in real life and he still looked the same. Anyways it was so weird though lol. What does it mean? :P

umm I'm not a dream specialist but i could make a random guess or multiple guesses:
whenever he says "baby" you think baby as in a child?
you think he sometimes acts like a baby?
imagination of the insecure?
starting new again in your relationship, a brand new start?
and that's all the random guesses i can make...

Summer, I'd pay attention to this dream. Your own mind is trying to get your attention about something you've been trying not to notice.

Your dreams underline YOUR feelings and perceptions. In this dream, you recognize that your boyfriend is immature and infantile. It's time to drop the denial and take a good look at him again with your eyes wide open. If your dream is highlighting what you already know, then it's time to leave the nursery and find yourself a grown-up boyfriend.

Must be a silly dream, don't take it seriously by the way.

The only dreams that matter are the ones you have when you are awake.

His sex weakness

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