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What does it mean when i have a dream about my ex having a baby with another girl.?

So in this dream I still have feelings for a guy I use to datebefore. He invites my big bro to a fire pit party at his house but not me. I found it weird and kinda rude. Later my friends want to visit a friend that I didnt know is friends with the guy I have feelings for. We get there and I find him cuddling with another girl. It shocks me and its heartbreaking. What hurt me even more is that she's carrying his baby. No one there understands because they don't know that we once dated. I start crying when no one can see me. When I woke up I was thinking to myself why I had this dream if I don't like this guy anymore it's been 6 months since I seen him. Maybe unconciously I still think about him? I am moving on and I'm happy with my life at the moment. I finally let go of my past.Very interesting dream...
Anyways I'm 20 and just wondering :(

In your case, your subconscious is telling you that while you may have moved on with your life on a conscious level, there are still unresolved issues that you need to find and explore, so as to ensure that your future is a positive one. There are questions that you need to ask yourself to find the answer, and they are:

What effect did having that relationship have on me?

Do I now view others differently as a result of it?

When I see my ex what is my immediate emotional reaction? Does it hurt, anger, or make you want to interact again in a negative way?

These are all normal reactions, but they can linger and leave a problem for your subconscious to process. If this is the case it will be necessary to dwell on them so that you will learn the lesson that you were meant to from the experience of being in that relationship.

If you can take a while to think about the answers to these questions you may just alight on the answer that would make your dreaming more pleasant, and help you to put your ex behind, you and move on with your life. I hope that I have been able to help.

You are absolutely right, Samantha. This has all the appearances of a dream showing you that you need to let go of the guy and move on. Since you're already doing that, the dream is puzzling.

So let's assume that the dream isn't really about this guy, but that he represents something else in your life that has sort of the same characteristics: something that you've wanted but couldn't get or that you used to have and lost. Or something you THOUGHT you wanted then decided to drop... like this guy.

Your brother was invited to the fire pit party, but you weren't. Could there be an issue of sexism here? Perhaps there is a job or a promotion or a school application that could have been yours if you'd been a guy?

The shock you felt in the dream when seeing the guy cuddling another girl could transfer from a project or promotion you wanted that went to someone else. The same could apply to the baby. YOU want to develop a project that will have a great deal of responsibility and long-term commitment along with significant respect from people you value. The project itself would have given you value in their eyes. But someone else got it, not you.

So - what's happening in your life other than relationships? What's happening at school or work or in some other area where you feel slighted, passed over, or dumped in favor of another person? That's what this dream is telling you to get over. It's time to move on to some other goal where you are the one making the choices.

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