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What does it mean when you can't wake up from a dream?

last night i had a really scary dream, and i realize im in a dream and i can't wake up. i'm also kicking and screaming at the top of my lungs trying so hard to wake up and when i tell my husband the next morning, he said he didn't feel me at all. i just want to know , is there any real meaning as to why you can't wake up? has anyone else experienced this?

happened to me twice. but in my dream, i actually dreamt i was waking up but then saw myself still sleeping on my bed... like an outer body experience kind of thing but just in my dream...
realising i was still sleeping, i tried waking up ... and the same thing happened 3 times until i finally did wake up. i remember i was panicking that i would never wake up.
i don't know what it means... but sure is a strange thing.
don't worry. you're not the only one worrying

Not sure what it means but it reminded me of a dream I had only last night/this morning. I just do a 1, 2, 3 count, open my eyes and I'm awake.

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