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What does it mean when you dream about a hole in your wrists?

I've never had this dream before. I was in the bathroom and for some reason i had three really big holes in my wrist, two on my left arm and one on the right; it looked as if I or someone had cut them out with a circular cookie cutter but it wasn't bleeding. They looked perfect as if they were supposed to be there. i would put my finger in side of the holes on my left arm and get a little freaked out. Then i would fill them with water from the sink and empty em out then do it again. That's when i woke up. What could this mean?

means something is missing in your life you do not feel like you a whole maybe you want to be in a stable relationship but nothing seems secure enough for you and your not sure how to get it and make it right then you sometimes think maybe that's just how it is the dream is saying you can have what you want when you decide what it is you really want focus and it will come

I had a dream like that! only i was in a kitchen and snakes came out of the holes in my wrists.. Id like to know more about that interpretation too... made for a neat drawing though lol.

You are Jesus' lost brother.

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