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What does it mean when you dream about an Eagle and a Chicken on both of my shoulders, talking to my Mother?

I had a dream I was talking to an Eagle and a Chicken on both shoulders Eagle on the left, and Chicken on the right. I began introducing them to various people along with my Mother. I used the names of both Eagle and Chicken which I dont remember, when introducing them to people. My mother who has passed away almost 10 years ago was Greatly amused as she hugged and kissed them both, then me. When she left, The Eagle started to pick on the chicken which I stopped for obvious reasons. After a while I Carressed Both with the side of my Head and thanked them for hanging out with me, and Gently let them be on thier way. I then went to see what my Mother was doing, and the dream shifted into another even weirder dream. The location of the dream was kinda like a Mall or Casino, That my Parents Owned in this dream, and I was there helping out with the Entertainment. I found my Mother checking out how the guest were doing in a Poker Room or Dining Room, as she adjusted some chairs. Both my Parents have been deceased for quite a while, But I Always dream of them, as if they Were Still Alive, Except I Still Live With Them! Weird Right? Thank-You for taking the time to Read and Answer

A chicken and eagle can easily symbolize courage and humility.in facing life's challenges The casino has the gambling connection and coping with what life throws at you. The question is whether you are experiencing anxiety in your life as you have these dreams and if you feel better the next day.

The subconscious mind has odd ways of dealing with stress.

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