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What does it mean when you dream about earthworms taking over the world?

last night i had a dream about normal sized earthworms that started burrowing into people's skin and drinking all their blood. then the worms got really big and started eating people whole. then they took over the world and all the people in the world died. can anyone tell me what this means? and no, i have not watched any horror movies lately.

Clearly a subconscious love of earthworms manifested in your dreams and you should take this as a sign to open up a bait business.

It means you're totally channeling my best friend's cousin's plan to dominate the world using worms. -nodnod-

It probably means you have an underlying fear of the natural order.
Humans are currently at the top of the food chain, but the insects & worms really have the final say. It can be a frightening prospect to have your flesh eaten, wether you are alive or dead. Everyone will die eventually... And one day human beings may no longer have control over this planet. We will become the relics in another society's museums...

Ah, but when was the last time you went fishing?...latent guilt can cause all sorts of weird dreams. Dreams about cockroaches taking over the world may be triggered by a visit from the Orkin man.

It means you had a crazy dream.

You've eaten to much Spag, and taken to many drugs. Lay off them both, take 2 Aspirins and wait 5 min, if it's not over by then, wait longer.

It's a sign from god.

When you die, there will be a hole in your coffin and earth worms will eat your body faster than normal.

Dont eat liverwurst, banana and onion sammies with Stolichnaya ever again!

You certainly have a very active brain.

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