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What does it mean when you dream about going into labor?

im not pregnant but last night i had a dream that while in my house i was going into labor and the head of my baby was already coming out and so my mom took me to the hospital but they said come back in 2weeks cause i wasn't ready. so i come back and they deliver a baby girl but then someone stole her and left me alone in a dark hospital room...

Well, I like the first part of your dream better than the last part. Going into labor when you aren't preggers means that you are ready to hatch an idea or project you've been thinking about or working on for a little while now. You actually "give birth" to the idea in yur dream. Yet, someone is telling you that it's too early. I'd say you have in your circle of friends and acquaintances a person who is a tad negative and puts you down (maybe a boyfriend?). They feel threatened by your brightness and imagination and want to bring you down to their level. Things can be a litttle dark at this level and lonely, so I'd say, if my interpretation is realistic...ignore what this person is saying to you and follow your own instincts.

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