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What Does it mean when you dream of a red-eyed shadow controlling you like a puppet and forcing you to kill those you love?

I have been having this recurring nightmare where I am in a dark void. No light anywhere. And a shadow man with red eyes comes up behind me and moves his arms one at a time. Mine move in sync with his, he pulls two guns and I do the same. We both begin walking at the same time. As we walk lights turn on from above and my friends and family are under them. One by one we stop. Look them in the eye, then shoot them point blank in the face. He starts laughing and I follow suit. I laugh in the faces of my closest friends, tears streaming down my face as I blow them away. When the line of lights ends I'm standing there, alone. The shadow man has faded into nothing. Then the cold barrel of a gun touches the back of my head. I hear the click of the hammer and wake up screaming.

That's beautiful ^.^

I would interpret it as a demon. You should cleanse your space, stay positive, and meditate.

KNIVES. lol. You had a dream about trigun... without watching trigun.

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