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What does it mean when you dream that things grow from your palms?

I have had two dreams recently. In one my left palm bulged and hurt until the bud of a flower emerged, the pain stopped and a beautiful flower bloomed. In the dream I thought it was awesome. About a month later I dreamed that a bulge appeared in my right palm and when I looked a fungus was growing, when I pulled it popped out and the root was like the quill of a feather. In this dream I was perplexed but not really upset. Any interpretations?

Those are really interesting dreams.

Hands in dreams often represent what you can do, create or accomplish, because in one way or another, almost everything you do involves your hands. Now the palm of your hand, that is what usually is referred to for holding stuff. For example, if someone refers to God holding someone in the palm of His hand, that person is thought of as being well cared for. Apologies if by some chance you are turned off by religious references; I use it only to illustrate palm.

Left versus right in dreams sometimes refer to what we have come to characterize as left and right brained. Left is logical, analytical, and unemotional - sort of like Spock on Star Trek. Right is creative, feeling, intuitive and in some sense "big picture" thinking. I have found at least one good dream interpreter say that left side of body is neurologically connected to right side of brain, and therefore left hand is creative, feeling, intuitive, etc. That would seem to fit for your dream. But in any event, think of the two hands as being two different ways, like the expression "On the one hand ... but on the other hand". They would be best in some kind balance.

What do you think of when you imagine the quill of a feather coming out of your right hand? My first thought was of an old fashioned pen, the kind they used to make out of feather quills. If that wasn't your association, then throw that away, but the interpretation depends on your own association with it. It if reminded you of a bird and flying, that could go one direction. Or if the pen was it for you also, and you are right-handed, then this could be saying something about writing. This is speculative without your feedback.

The fungus is curious. Fungi tend to grow in cool, dark, damp places, and on dead trees or plants. So this thing coming out of a fungus - would that mean somethingn is coming out of some dark or dying place? That depends on whether that seems to fit for you, that is if you feel you've had such experience, and in particular been thinking about that recently (the day or two before the dream - but its been a month, so you probably don't remember).

Hope this helps - its just a start for your interesting set of dreams.

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