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What does it mean when you dream with airplanes exploding?

it happened in my dreams twice. once it as on the plane. united 93.
other time I was outside and planes were falling out of the sky like rocks. the sky was falling. i believe it meant "the sky is falling". literally.

It means you are living in the age of 9/11 and the age of media saturation.

While people have had nightmares about any scenario for as long as those scenarios have been possible, its necessary to eliminate strong social pressures first before taking them further. And even for people who have thought they weren't influenced all that much by the actual event, there can be residual programming by those who can't/won't forget.

Also, depending on what you receive in what context, the link between the image/idea and the person could simply be the way in which your subconscious mind interprets them in your dream state. As such, when you think about the person, the link to that image gets played as a substitute for really thinking about them. Happens alot more than people think.

I've had dreams similar to that. Mine were of a space shuttle exploding shortly after takeoff. Its the same dream every time. And the weird thing is...I didn't even live by a shuttle launch pad haha. But idk the reason for these dreams. Sorry I couldn't answer your question, but I thought I should share my dream with you too.

Ok well I had the website I'll just put some facts sry I lost it
It means you've expressed anger(explosion)and flying means you've achieved a goal or memory:)

usually, it has something to do with your fear of heights or long distance trips.

It means your a freaking terrorist

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